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Frequently asked questions

How do I update my payment information?

The account owner may change the billing information via the Payment Information tab on the Admin page of the web UI.

How do I add or manage a user?

The account owner may add users via the Users tab on the Admin page of the web UI.

How do I tell how much of my cost limit I’ve used?

Check the Account Cost Limits tob of the Admin page page of the web UI. You can see your project and account limits, and how much of the overall limit you've been charged to date.

How do cost limits work, and why would I use them?

Cost limits allow you to maintain control over the costs incurred on a project or account basis.

How does licensing work.

All licensing is taken care of by us. We have metered licensing agreements with several major vendors. You can check the supported software page for the full list.

If your renders rely on 3rd party software that requires a license, we can't connect to your license servers, however, you should submit a support ticket as it may be possible for us to make arrangements with the vendor.

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