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To submit jobs to Conductor, we provide submission tools as Python plugins inside content creation applications. The easiest way to install plugins is through our Companion App.

System administrators may also wish to install the packages directly from PyPi using PIP.

Companion App Install

To install these plugins, first install the Conductor Companion App.

Operating system Download link
Mac (OSX) companion-latest-osx-installer.dmg
Windows companion-latest-windows-installer.exe

Run the executable to install the Companion on your desktop. When you open the app you'll be able to install or upgrade plugins for your DCCs.

Plugins page in the Companion App

PIP Install

To install a plugin with PIP, follow the instructions on the plugin page at PyPi as shown below.

DCC Plugin name PyPi URL
Maya ciomaya
Cinema 4D cioc4d
Clarisse cioclarisse
3d Studio Max ciomax
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