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To submit jobs to Conductor, we provide submission tools that open from within content creation applications. We also provide generic tools for renderers that we have installed in the cloud, but for which there are no dedicated submitters.

There are two installation options: Client Tools or Companion App. Which one to choose depends on your needs.

Client Tools

The client tools package contains our traditional submitter plugins (Maya, Nuke), plus command-line tools and a python API bundled into one installer.

Install Conductor Client Tools

Companion App

The Companion App is a desktop app that allows you to access new or experimental tools (Cinema 4d, Clarisse, Native Maya plugin). It also provides a graphical download manager.

Operating system Download link
Mac (OSX)
Windows 10
Centos 7.x

Download and unzip the app, then copy to a location of your choice. When you open the app you'll be able to install or upgrade plugins for your needs.

Plugins page in the Companion App