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Downloading Files

Rendered images are made available to download as tasks finish. They are downloaded to the output path specified during submission by default. Once you have successfully downloaded the files for a task, its status changes to Downloaded in the Web UI.

Client tools Downloader

The downloader command can run in one of two modes: manual or daemon. Use manual mode to download files for a specific job, and use daemon mode to download files for all jobs as they become available.

Manual mode

# Download all files for job 00014
conductor downloader --job_id 00014

# Download files for task 010 in job 00014
conductor downloader --job_id 00014 --task_id 010

Daemon mode

# Start the downloader in daemon mode, run it with no arguments
conductor downloader

All command line options.

Option                        Example Args       Description
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--job_id 00012 The job id(s) to download. When specified, will only download those jobs and terminate afterward
--task_id 010 Manually download output for this task
--output /my/new/folder Override for the output directory
--location Vancouver An optional string to indicate which location this downloader executable should register as. This option is only relevant for conductor accounts, which submits jobs from different locations (e.g., differing geographic locations or office locations with differing file systems). Typically each location would have its conductor downloader process running. This location argument allows each downloader to target specific jobs (to download upon job-completion) that match its appropriate location. Essentially this allows you to only download jobs that were submitted from your location.
--project harry_potter An optional string to indicate which project that this downloader executable should register as.
--log_level INFO The logging level to display. Choose from CRITICAL ERROR WARNING INFO DEBUG
--log_dir ~/logfile.log When provided, write a rotating log file to the provided directory
--thread_count 8 The number of threads that should download simultaneously

Companion App Downloader

Conductor Companion provides a GUI for users who don't feel comfortable using the command line. The Companion App displays a panel for each job, which you can expand to check files' availability and manage downloads. See the Companion reference page for more information.

Downloader page in the Companion App