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Upload files to Conductor.

There are multiple options for customization and flexibility. To use the Conductor Upload tool, you need to run the following command:

conductor upload [OPTIONS] [PATHS]...
With no arguments, the uploader runs in daemon mode, watching for files to upload for submitted jobs. In this mode, it continuously watches for files to upload for submitted jobs.

Alternatively, specify a list of paths to upload.


conductor upload file1 file2 file3


Option Type Default
-db, --database_filepath String None
This option allows you to specify a filepath to the local md5 caching database. The md5 caching feature improves uploading times by skipping md5 generation for previously uploaded files that haven't been modified since the last upload.
-lc, --location String None
Specify a location tag to associate with uploads, downloads, and submissions. A location tag allows you to limit the scope of your uploads and downloads to jobs sharing the same location tag. This is useful while using the uploader or downloader in daemon mode.
-ld, --log_dir String None
Write a log file to the given directory. The log rotates, creating a new log file every day, while storing logs for the last 7 days. The log file is named conductor_ul.log.
-lv, --log_level Choice INFO
The logging level to display. Options are: CRITICAL, ERROR, WARNING, INFO, DEBUG, NOTSET.
-lcl, --log_to_console Bool False
If set, logging will be output to the console as well as the logging file.
-md5, --md5_caching Bool True
Use cached md5s. This can dramatically improve the uploading times, as md5 checking can be very time consuming. Caching md5s allows subsequent uploads (of the same files) to skip the md5 generation process (if the files appear to not have been modified since the last time they were submitted). The cache is stored locally and uses a file's modification time and file size to intelligently guess whether the file has changed. Set this flag to False if there is concern that files may not be getting re-uploaded properly.
-tc, --thread_count Int 11
The number of threads that should download simultaneously. Increasing the thread count may improve upload performance, but it can also consume more system resources.
--help Bool False
Show this message and exit.