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Download renders and other output files from Conductor. You can give a list of job ids to download, or you can omit jobids and the downloader will run in daemon mode.

If you provide job ids, the default behavior is to download all the files from completed tasks for those jobs. You can however specify an explicit set of tasks to downloade by providing a task range spec after each job id. To do so, append a colon to the job id and then a compact task specification. See the examples.

In daemon mode, the downloader polls for new jobs to download. You can specify a location tag to limit the scope of the downloader to only download jobs that were submitted with the same location tag.


conductor download # daemon mode
conductor download 1234 1235
conductor download 1234:1-10
conductor download 1234:1-5x2,10,12-14
conductor download 1234:1-5 1235:5-10


Option Type Default
-dr, --disable-reporting Bool False
Decide whether to report back to the server with the status of the download. If you use this flag the state of tasks on the server remains unaffected, whether it is downloaded or pending.
-f, --force Bool False
Force download of files even if they already locally. MD5s will not be calculated or checked for this mode. The default is False.
-lc, --location String None
Specify a location tag to associate with uploads, downloads, and submissions. A location tag allows you to limit the scope of your uploads and downloads to jobs sharing the same location tag. This is useful while using the uploader or downloader in daemon mode.
-lv, --log_level Choice INFO
The logging level to display. Options are: CRITICAL, ERROR, WARNING, INFO, DEBUG, NOTSET.
-o, --output-path Path None
Override the output directory.
-ps, --page_size Int 50
The number of files to request from the Conductor API at a time. Defaults to 50.
-pi, --progress_interval Int 500
The number of milliseconds to pass before printing a emitting a progress message. Defaults to 500.
-r, --regex String None
A regular expression to filter the files to download. Only files whose names match the regex are downloaded. If a task has multiple files and the regex matches only a subset of them, that subset is considered to be the entire task. This means that by default, tasks are reported to the server as downloaded, even though they weren't all downloaded.
-tc, --thread_count Int 11
The number of threads that should download simultaneously. Increasing the thread count may improve upload performance, but it can also consume more system resources.
--help Bool False
Show this message and exit.