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Manage your jobs

Jobs are managed on the web dashboard

Once you are logged in, you can check the progress of your jobs and manage your account.

The Jobs page

Each row on the jobs page represents a submission.

Conductor jobs page


Column name Description
JOB ID A unique string to identify your job within your account.
USER The user that submitted the job.
STATUS The current status of the job.
PROJECT The project that the job was submitted under.
TITLE The title given to the job.
PRIORITY A higher number will run before a lower number.
CORES The number of cores on the render node selected for the job.
MEMORY The amount of memory on the render node selected for the job.
PREEMPTIBLE Whether the render node is preemptible.
PROGRESS Shows a summary of the status of all the tasks.
TASKS The number of tasks inside the job.
AVG. FRAME The average time it took for each task to complete.
CREATED The time the job was submitted/created.


A description of statuses in the Status column.

Status Description
upload_pending The job specification has been submitted but render data has yet to start uploading.
uploading Render data is being transferred to cloud storage.
sync_pending Deploying a high performance storage cluster for the render data.
sync_failed Syncing to the high performance storage cluster failed. The job will remain in that state until a retry sync operation is requested by right-clicking on a job or task.
syncing Render data is being copied from cloud storage to the high performance storage system.
pending Render nodes are being herded and reserved for the job.
holding The job or task is on hold, right-click to unhold.
running The job has actively running tasks.
success All tasks have rendered successfully.
downloaded All successful tasks have been downloaded.
failed At least one task has failed.
preempted At least one task was preempted, use the retry option to automatically retry preempted tasks.


Once a job has been submitted it can be modified via the Web Dashboard.

Jobs can be selected by clicking on the row. Multiple rows can be selected using standard ctrl (command on OSX) and shift techniques.

Job context menu

Right-click on the selected rows to bring up the context menu with the following options:

Label Description
Hold Set tasks to a holding state.
Kill Stop all tasks immediately.
Retry Restart all tasks.
Retry Failed Restart only failed tasks.
Retry Preempted Restart only preempted tasks.
Retry Sync Retry the syncing phase, where assets disks are attached to render nodes.
Reviewed Mark a job as having been reviewed.
Unhold Start tasks that are holding.
Edit / Instance Type Run the job on a different type of render node. Only affects Tasks that have not yet run.
Edit / Priority Change the job priority.

Lifecycle of a job

If you would like to see more details about what happens once you submit a job, please consult the diagram below.

Lifecycle of a Conductor Job