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Downloader (Deprecated)


Download renders and other output files from Conductor. You can specify a job id and optional task id to download, or you can omit all options and the downloader will run in daemon mode.

In daemon mode, the downloader polls for new jobs to download. You can specify a location tag to limit the scope of the downloader to only download jobs that were submitted with the same location tag.


conductor downloader # daemon mode
conductor downloader --job_id --task_id 01234
conductor downloader --job_id --task_id 123


Option Type Default
-j, --job_id String None
Download all the files from completed tasks for the given jobs.
-lc, --location String None
Specify a location tag to associate with uploads, downloads, and submissions. A location tag allows you to limit the scope of your uploads and downloads to jobs sharing the same location tag. This is useful while using the uploader or downloader in daemon mode.
-ld, --log_dir String None
Write a log file to the given directory. The log rotates, creating a new log file every day, while storing logs for the last 7 days. The log file is named conductor_ul.log.
-lv, --log_level Choice INFO
The logging level to display. Options are: CRITICAL, ERROR, WARNING, INFO, DEBUG, NOTSET.
-o, --output String None
Override the output directory.
-t, --task_id String None
Download the files from the given tasks in the specified job.
-tc, --thread_count Int 11
The number of threads that should download simultaneously. Increasing the thread count may improve upload performance, but it can also consume more system resources.
--help Bool False
Show this message and exit.