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Conductor CLI


The Conductor Command Line Interface (CLI) can be used to upload, download, and submit jobs.


conductor <command> <options>


The CLI has three possible commands: submit, downloader, and uploader


For a complete list of options, run conductor submit --help


For a complete list of options, run conductor downloader --help

The downloader command can run in one of two modes: manual or daemon.

Manual mode
This mode will download the files for a specific job and (optionally) for a task.

Download files for a single job with the following shell command:

conductor downloader --job_id <jobid>

# example
conductor downloader --job_id 00014

You may also specify a single task with the task_id argument.

# example
conductor downloader --job_id 00014 --task_id 010

Daemon mode
Alternatively, files can be automatically downloaded as they become available using daemon mode.

To start the downloader in daemon mode, run it with no arguments:

conductor downloader


For a complete list of options, run conductor uploader --help

The uploader command can only run as a daemon. It will run continuously, uploading files for jobs submitted to your Conductor account.

To start the uploader in daemon mode:

conductor uploader


For large studios, to free up artist workstations, we recommend running the downloader and uploader daemons on dedicated machines.


If you prefer to run either daemon in a docker container, you'll need to specify the following options when executing docker run.

# Export account name

# Export the path to your API key
-e API_KEY_PATH=/path/to/api_key.json

# Share directories that cover output paths for all jobs to be downloaded.
-v /projects/my_project:/projects/my_project
-v /home:/home
-v /path/to/api_key.json:/path/to/api_key.json

Instructions for installing docker.

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