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Syncer Wrangler


This feature is currently in BETA. We're interested in hearing your feedback and what improvements we can make. Please direct all feedback to support


  • This wrangler monitors on the job level, each job will have an individual wrangler.


Review the lifecycle of job to get a better understanding of when this wrangler would perform actions.


The SyncerWrangler when enabled will handle the lifecycle of the syncing process.

Syncing is the operation of mapping uploaded files for each corresponding job to a filesystem.

This wrangler allows for control over the different states that can occur during a sync:

State Default (minutes) Minimum (minutes) Description
sync_pending 15 1 Syncing has not begun yet but currently queued to begin.
syncing 360 5 Actively downloading objects from object storage to disk.
sync_failed 6 1 Failed to either start 'syncing' or the syncing process failed.
Field Default Minimum Description
Max Attempts 3 0 How many attempted actions to perform before wrangler exits.



The above example will resync a job if in the following states:

  • 'sync_pending' for longer than 15 minutes.
  • 'syncing' for longer than 180 minutes.
  • 'sync_failed' for longer than 5 minutes.

It will attempt 3 re-syncs before exiting.