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Relocation Wrangler


This feature is currently in BETA. We're interested in hearing your feedback and what improvements we can make. Please direct all feedback to support


  • This wrangler monitors on the job level, each job will have an individual wrangler.


The Relocation Wrangler when enabled will relocate your job to a different cloud region if it has been unable to start after the allotted time.

This performs a 'resync' which analyzes where we may have the best availability for the given instance characteristics.

This wrangler will only analyze and take action on jobs that have a priority greater than or equal to the value set with a minimum of 0 and default of 10.

The 'Max Wait Time' duration value is in increment of minutes with a minimum of 90 minutes and a default of 360 minutes.


If your job contains many large assets or a large amount of files a sync and or re-sync can take a considerable amount of time. You may need to take this into consideration when setting the 'Max Wait Time'.



The above example will relocate any job that hasn't started in 360 minutes and has a priority level of 10 or greater.