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Config File

The Conductor client tools rely upon a configuration file named config.yml.


Submitters installed through the Companion App, including the submission kit, do not use the config file. If you are using Cinema 4d or the Next-gen Maya submitter, you can skip this page.

The default location for the config file varies by platform:

~/Library/Application Support/Conductor/config.yml
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Conductor Technologies\Conductor\config.yml


The available settings are specified with YAML keys as described below.


Additional environment variable assignments to be included in submissions. For example, you may want to upload and run a pre-render script. You can use this key to add the path to the script.

  PATH: /path/to/my/scripts 


By default, files are downloaded to the directory that was specified on submission. Use this key to override that directory and download it to the specified location.

output_dir: /special/path/to/my/renders 


A list of additional paths to be uploaded. Both files and directories are valid.

  - /path/to/my/scripts/
  - /assets/not/detected/during/dependency/scan/


Specify whether uploads should run on the workstation where jobs are submitted. Set this key to False if you have a dedicated machine to run an uploader daemon.

local_upload: False 


Full path to the location of a file containing your API_KEY. This is optional if you are not running an uploader or downloader daemons.

api_key_path: /path/to/my/conductor_api_key.json


Tag your submissions with a location. This allows you to download only those tagged jobs while running the downloader daemon.

location: london_studio

Sample config.yaml

local__upload: False
output_dir: /dev/wmd/conductor/images
location: wmd_studio
    MAYA_SCRIPT_PATH: /dev/wmd/conductor/maya/scripts
    - /dev/wmd/conductor/maya/plugins
    - /dev/wmd/conductor/maya/scripts
api_key_path: /dev/wmd/conductor/conductor_api_key.json